Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

Due to the prevalence of hazardous building materials (HBMs) including asbestos, lead paint, PCBs, SMF and others used in building and construction materials for the majority of the 20th Century, management of the risks associated with these products is required to prevent inadvertent exposure to workers.

Hazardous materials require appropriate management when present in buildings and structures, and asbestos requires removal prior to refurbishment works or demolition activities. PRM is experienced in the assessment and management of risks associated with asbestos and hazardous materials.

PRM has experienced hygienist and Licensed Asbestos Assessors (LAA) able to assist in the management of risks associated with the removal of asbestos as well as other hazardous materials and are able to offer the following services:

  • NSW LAA / ACT Class A / NZ Asbestos Assessors.
  • Asbestos and HBM audit services: Asbestos and HBM occupational and pre-demolition audits, reinspections and sampling programs required to achieve legislative compliance.
  • Asbestos and HBM management services: Management plans, technical removal scopes and labelling services.
  • Technical advice: Asbestos and lead hygiene advice, risk assessments and exposure assessments.
  • Asbestos hygiene services: Asbestos and HBM removal supervision, clearance inspections and certificates and asbestos-fibre and lead dust air monitoring.
  • Asbestos and HBM awareness training services.

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